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Ayurvedic philosophy teaches that we are all unique, not just by looks, but by the things we are made of. We know we are made of bones, skin, hair, and squishy stuff. And true, we all are built with two eyes, two arms, two feet, and a liver, but none of these parts are the same shape and size in any of us. In Ayurveda, one size does not fit all. Ayurveda recognizes and honors our uniqueness.




Vata, the energy of movement.

Elements: Space & Air.

Nature: Wind

Main Location: Colon

Qualities: Cold, Dry, Rough, Light, Mobile

Vata is responsible for the movements of the body including heart beating, eyes blinking, food moving though digestion, breathing, talking, walking, jumping, pooping, and giving birth. Pitta and kapha cannot move without vata, so vata is considered the king of the doshas.




Elements: Fire & Water

Nature: Sun

Main Location: Small Intestines

Qualities: Hot, Sharp, Mobile, Oily, Light, Smooth

Pitta is responsible for transforming our food, thoughts, and emotions. Pitta is the main player in digesting our food as it is closely related to our digestive fire. It is the only dosha with the fire/heat element to it. Without pitta, everything would be cold and rigid.




Kapha, the energy of lubrication and structure

Elements: Water & Earth

Nature: Moon

Main Location: Chest & Stomach

Qualities: Cold, Wet, Heavy, Oily, Static, Gross, Dull

Kapha is responsible for sticking everything together. Kapha brings coolness and creation and without it, everything would be a windy inferno. They may even refer to themselves as the “glue” that holds a family or team together.






Kapha Pacifying Foods






 Pitta Pacifying Foods





Vata Pacifying Foods








Ten daily modern Ayurveda rituals to prevent disease

Here are 10 daily Modern Ayurveda steps you can take every morning to prevent disease with Ayurveda:

  1. Use a tongue cleaner twice daily to reduce aam (toxins) in the body

  2. Do pranayama, meditation, or yoga every day to balance the body, mind, and spirit

  3. Add a mindfulness ritual daily to cue yourself to calm and re-center yourself: tea time, grateful journal, grateful jar, journal about your feelings

  4. Take excellent supplements or herbs that support your lifestyle

  5. Avoid frozen food, leftovers, using the microwave – eat fresh as much as possible

  6. Eat according to your dosha, bring your dosha back into balance

  7. Use ghee, butter, and healthy fats in your diet

  8. Dry brush, abhyanga massage (self-body massage), and oil massage to the head can be very beneficial

  9. Use natural skincare, beauty care, and cleaning products as much as possible

  10. Self Care is key. Add in moments for yourself every day and every week to take care of yourself, indulge yourself, increasing your energy, and vitality, so you can share the most joyous, vibrant, light, happy version of yourself with the world.

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