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Ayurveda Demystified


When Ayurveda or Ayurvedic medicine is mentioned in western society, there is definitely a stereotype that surrounds the practice, its principles, and the people who live by them. But this ancient way of life is far more than the antiquated tradition it is sometimes portrayed as. Our mission in this article is to break down the basics of Ayurveda, bringing it into the understanding of western society and removing the mystery of this Indian way of life.

While traditional curry recipes and a focus on exercise, sometimes yoga, are large factors in the practice of Ayurveda, in truth it is simply a very old, very logical method for understanding life. Its first goal is to help an individual understand themselves, how their unique and individual nature affects their day to day health and mental well-being. Secondly, it teaches how external forces impact each individual in a different way, whether it be in the form of food, climate, other people, career, or specific situations.

Ayurveda and other forms of traditional medicine were developed by ancient sages. Their observations of the universe and its energies led to the birth of constitutional medicine, or how unbalanced energies in the body led to certain ailments. The role of these traditional techniques was aimed at restoring this balance, and so curing the ailments. The ancient Vedic culture in India developed this concept to its highest form in Ayurvedic medicine.

In existence for over 5000 years, the majority of the world’s population is still treated and evaluated under these very sophisticated medicine systems, mainly in India and China. Because the same energies present in the universe are also present in certain herbs, spices, and foods, treatments were organized based on the unique classification of certain foods with regard to their corresponding energies. Those that were lacking or not in balance would be regulated through the diet, restoring mind-body energy balance and overall health. In Ayurveda medicine as it is understood in the west is inferior to food; with a proper and balanced diet, there will be no ailments. Considered a ‘last resort,’ medicine was only used to counteract extreme imbalances and was believed to reflect the irresponsibility of patients lifestyles and habits.

This proactive view on health and well-being is one that has been embraced by professionals world-wide, and also by Fusionary Formulas. We deliver these ancient healing energies in the form of neutraceuticals, designed to enhance daily health through supplemented diet. Over its long life, Ayurveda has become very specified and targeted in its approach to ailments, and so our products are targeted to various health issues: inflammation, diabetes, weight control, as well as universally beneficial supplements are just the start of our line up. Modern studies and lab tests are proving the incredible healing power of our ingredients, from turmeric as a way to combat dementia to the use of certain extracts to regulate glucose levels. We hope that by educating the medical community on the benefits of these ingredients, as well as broadening horizons through Ayurveda, will lead more people to live active, healthy lives!

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