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Our All-Natural Inflammation Relief Formula will help to:

  • Decrease inflammation in the body and help to reduce pain
  • Decrease joint pain and stiffness
  • Help repair damaged tissue
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Product Description

Whether you’re a highly active athlete or simply enjoying the golden years, chances are you’ve lost some joint cartilage in your lifetime leading to undue stress on your joints.

Product Description:

  • Curcumin, found in Inflammation Relief, specifically targets an inflammatory response in the body thereby reducing pain
  • Boswellia decreases joint pain and stiffness by increasing blood flow, while also helping repair damaged tissue
  • If taken daily, the herbs found in this supplement will reduce inflammation in the body to help you live a long, healthy life. Can be paired with Turmeric Gold as needed for pain and inflammation or other blends to enhance performance

Key Ingredients to Help Fight Joint Pain:

  • Curcumin:  Fights inflammation, has powerful antioxidant capacities, guards against osteoporosis, accelerates muscle recovery
  • Boswellia Serrata:  Increases blood flow to joints.
  • Amla:  Has ample vitamin C, Strengthens muscles, builds lean muscle mass, and reduces excess cholesterol buildup
  • Guduchi:  Inhibits bacterial growth and increases immunity.
  • Dry Ginger:  An anti-inflammatory, helps with indigestion.
  • Turmeric:  Alleviates pain  swelling, and inflammation.
  • BioPerine:  Promotes bioavailability/nutrient absorption.

Important Product Details:

  • This product does not contain: soy, wheat, yeast, gluten, eggs, dairy, corn, artificial colors, flavors, sugars, or preservatives
  • If pregnant, nursing, taking blood-thinning or other medications, consult a healthcare professional before use
  • This formulation is even better absorbed when taken with warm water aloe vera juice.  It is also better if taken after a meal, such as breakfast or dinner
  • Please note: Aloe vera juice is contraindicated in pregnancy

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.   These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  •    Manufactured in the USA in a GMP compliant/FDA-approved facility
  •    Manufactured using the highest quality raw materials
  •    Produced under our own SOPs that meet or exceed FDA GMP requirements
  •    Every batch tested to ensure purity and potency specifications are met
  •    Specific product testing is listed in the Certificate of Quality
  •    Backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee

“By reducing inflammation and increasing circulation you can reduce pain with Inflammation Relief. Try our pain solution regimen, as an alternative to pain medication, and help your body heal and feel better naturally.”

Science + Studies:

NSAIDs such as ibuprofen are the traditional treatment for inflammation. They work by suppressing COX-2, a pro-inflammatory enzyme. However, they also suppress COX-1, an enzyme that ensures healthy stomach lining. Not surprisingly, several users have experienced nausea and stomach ulcers as a result of taking this medication. Boswellia, on the other hand, can reduce inflammation by regulating the pro-inflammatory enzymes HLE and 5-LOX, and is generally safe when used as directed. So to decrease your chances of side effects, we made our formula using only the finest all-natural ingredients, such as boswellia and guduchi. While those herbs are helping to reduce inflammation, the amla and curcumin in our formula will help guard against cell-damaging free radicals, thereby boosting the body’s ability to fight off disease. Finally, in an effort to address solubility issues, we have added BioPerine. This black pepper extract is frequently used to promote greater bioavailability and increased nutrient absorption.


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  1. Cody Cooper

    “Hi, I am Cody Cooper from Athleta, Boca Town Center. I have been on the Fusionary Formulas for a little over a month now. I am taking the Optimal Performance, the Inflammation Relief, and the Joint Repair. I am a big-time athlete, love wakeboarding. I started taking it single doses prescribed for about two or three weeks, and right before I was going to hit the water for a weekend, I doubled up my dosage of Inflammation Relief, saw absolutely no joint pain in my elbows or anything the entire weekend I was on the water, saw a huge difference in my performance on the water and after, so definitely a great product. Everybody needs to try it out.” -Cody Cooper, General Manager, Athleta

  2. Domenic Pompile

    “Good evening! My name is Domenic Pompile. I am a licensed physical therapist and strength and conditioning specialist. I am a big fan of Fusionary Formulas because I believe in the product and what it does for all individuals. I, on a regular basis, see a lot of patients that may be injured, have inflammatory issues or overall well-being issues, and what I like about the Fusionary Formulas is that it is a great alternative to something like an Advil or an Aleve that can really get in there, create anti-inflammatory properties for the individual and give them a true benefit that they need to get better with minimal-to-no side effects. It is also very good to know that the patient is being healed from an inside-out aspect to where they can also have products with Fusionary Formulas like Weight Loss besides the inflammation and just overall well-being because of the line and the products are nutraceuticals. So, I just want to thank you for having me a part of this because I believe in the product, and I am also thankful for the benefit that it brings to my patients.” -Domenic Pompile, Physical Therapist, Owner of Vado Therapy

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