This is a great way to get revved up in the New Year and feel incredible again.

We all know what October through December looks like – Halloween, candy, sweets, cupcakes, holidays, holiday parties, cookie parties, a thanksgiving feast, Thanksgiving leftovers, more holiday parties, Hannukkah or Christmas, family gatherings, New Year’s Eve, and whew! We made it!! 10 pounds heavier, tired, full of sugar, full of inflammation, wishing for a magic pill that would undo the last 3 months!

Another way to look at those 3 months: Magical Moments, happy memories, time with great family and friends, where we continued to incorporate healthy habits and come the New Year wouldn’t mind a little reboot, a recalibration to get our health and mindset on track for the new year ahead.

We at Fusionary Formulas invite you to join our challenge, we have a more holistic approach to health and wellness and are constantly inspired by the potent herbs and spices ancient Ayurveda has discovered for us to use as SuperFoods and as a daily investment in our long-term health.

Join The Fusionary Formulas 21 Day Challenge and start off your new year right! Inspired by the healthy lifestyle and preventive habits from Ayurveda, we challenge you to come up with a new clean way to eat and live that fits YOUR lifestyle.

On this 21 Day Challenge we invite you to

1.  Take your Fusionary Formulas Regimen Twice a Day Every Day
2. Follow Dr. Mark Hyman’s “Eat Fat Get Thin” 21 Day Food Program
3. Move more every week, up to 5 times a week is preferred
4. Hydrate more!


It takes 21 Days to change a habit! Let’s do it!


Hosted by Fusionary Formulas – Follow Us to enjoy the challenge with everyone!


The Challenge will run from January 14 – February 4th at 12pm

The Winner will be announced: February 4th

The Prize: Over $250 in Healthy Prizes!!!

Make sure you are following the hosts and that your Instagram account is public to qualify! You can also share in the FB Group!


To be part of the challenge and eligible for the prize:

  • First go to FusionaryFormulas.com, purchase any regimen, and at checkout click the “YES! I want to join the Challenge” box. Now you’re in! And you’ll be receiving emails about how to get prepared and started.
  • Repost the challenge and invite your friends – the more the merrier!
  • Follow Fusionary Formulas on Facebook and Join the Fusionary Formulas Community to stay in the loop!


Once the challenge has started:

  • The daily activity choices are:
    • any movement of your choice – for 10 minutes or longer – yoga, weight training, walking, swimming, running, dancing, something active!
    • OR do a 10 minute meditation
    • OR post a pic of your healthy clean eating from the program!
    • Include the hashtag #TransformWithFusionary #FusionaryFormulas –

There is nothing more beautiful than creating a habit that can truly transform your whole life, your whole being, your outlook, and your overall happiness. So have fun with this!!


Check out how much fun we had in our last challenge!